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Gambling and Betting Software Development
We create Betting top quality apps and games for more than 5 years,
putting the quality of services and joy of players as the highest priorities.
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Gamification is the Key to the Joy

We use theory and best practices of products gamification,
let's create your new game together.
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Mobile eGaming and eSports Apps Development

  • iOS Apps Development

    iOS Apps Development

    We have many years of successful experience in mobile apps development. More than 12 apps have been released for the iOS platform.

  • Fuchsia & Flutter Platform

    Fuchsia & Flutter Platform

    Flutter is a new cross-platform framework from Google. The single framework for Google Fuchsia, iOS and Android apps development.

  • Android Apps Development

    Android Apps Development

    More than 20 Android apps have been created by us and successfully launched in Play Market. We offer a full Android apps development cycle.

  • Unity eGaming Development

    Unity eGaming Development

    We create cross-platform casino games with Unity - the best engine for eGaming solutions!

Cross-platform Mobile Gambling and Betting Apps

We offer to create native iOS, Fuchsia and Android Gambling and Betting apps, also we offer cross-platform mobile eGaming development.
Top cross-platform frameworks, React Native and Flutter, are available in our stack for mobile apps development
Our goal to achieve the best user experience in Gambling and Betting software development including mobile solutions and cross-platform mobile eGaming for all available devices - iOS, Android and Fuchsia mobile apps development.
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Our experience - top betting API

  • Betfair


    Betfair is well known for top Gambling and Betting data provider. With Betfair API we will provide the most interesting and joyful betting experience for your users.

  • Bet365


    Bet365 is one of the leaders in the Gambling industry. We have extensively used their API to provide the best quality of services to our clients.

  • Betable


    We have used Betable API too. Our engineers and architects will create and deploy eGames and Betting systems for your future wins!

We offer affordable prices to startups on eGaming prototypes and MVP development

More than 90% of eGaming projects are ready to show their brand new ideas to the world but struggle from the lack of investments.
That can be betting startup betting service or gambling system, or mobile app for poker fans.
All they need is just a working prototype to show to future investors.
To make your life easier, we will help you to create a new shiny eGame prototype or MVP with all required software architecture documentation and gameplay documentation.
We will do our best to make your shiny eGame go live within a tight budget. And we have special offers for startups.
Do your first steps into the big world of gambling software solutions with us.
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eSports Software Development

  • Sports Events Aggregators

    Sports Events Aggregators

    We will build for you Sports Events Aggregators, highly available, distributed around the world for the fastest response and the best user experience to users.

  • Ultimate Gaming Experience

    Ultimate Gaming Experience

    Customized betting experience for most demanding markets, make fresh content available to your customers immediately and let them play without borders.

  • Mobile Betting First

    Mobile Betting First

    We follow the market trends, the importance of mobile solutions in gambling and betting software - up to 85% of market share.

Betting and Gambling Technologies

World-class betting and gambling software development.
To provide high availability and the best user experience, we use battle-tested technologies like Java, Spring and Vert.x, Scala and Elixir and Phoenix.
Our message delivery systems for gambling and betting software are done using battle-tested technologies - Kafka, Apache Pulsar, Apache Cassandra.
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Gambling Software Development

  • Casino Software

    Casino Software

    Allow your players to get Las Vegas experience. Best gameplay for Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat and Slot games.

  • Slot Machines

    Slot Machines

    We create all types of Slot Machines customizing a user's experience and make gameplay even more joyful than ever.

  • Lotto Full Set of Variations

    Lotto Full Set of Variations

    We design the Lotto software to suit all user's need and create unlimited number of games with unique rules.

Blockchain Technologies in Betting and Gambling

We integrate Blockchain technologies and tokenized payments in our eGaming and Betting software.
We provide tokens and cryptocurrencies into Gambling software to allow users to pay faster and easier.
We offer a single unique token for all eGaming powered by Blockchain technologies.
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Tokens and Crypto as a Payment Solutions for eGaming

  • Tokens and Crypto in eGaming

    Tokens and Crypto in eGaming

    We use cryptocurrencies and tokens to make eGaming easy to use all around the world!

  • Blockchain in Betting and Gambling

    Blockchain in Betting and Gambling

    We unitilize the powert of Blockchain to make tokenized payments secure and fast!

  • Tokens and Crypto in eSport

    Tokens and Crypto in eSport

    Pay, Bet, Win easily with our tokenized systems.

High availability and security in Betting and Gambling

We utilize best practices in security and bleeding-edge technologies
to provide you with high availability eGaming and eSports services.
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Data Mining and Machine Learning for Betting and Gambling

  • Research and Development

    Research and Development

    We use top-rate software frameworks, theory and techniques for data analysis and data mining, create a custom machine learning models and develop the best solutions for eGaming and eSport industry.

  • Betting and Gambling Analysis

    Betting and Gambling Analysis

    Our engineers use Tensorflow, PyTorch, Apache Spark, and Apache Flink to create analytics streaming tools for Betting and Gambling systems. We combine BigData best practices, Machine Learning theory and our experience to build the best solutions for every client.

  • BigData and eSports

    BigData and eSports

    We do our best to provide every client with the best solutions on new and battle-tested technologies, utilizing best practices of Artificial Intelligence theory and applying it on Betting and Gambling software solutions for the creation of the most robust and highly-profitable systems.

Data Science, Game Theory and Fuzzy Logic.

Our team makes researches in the field of Game Theory and Fuzzy Logic systems.
Based on our cooperation with the National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev Polytechnical Institue) and Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IASA), we develop a new type of math models and various techniques using Fuzzy Systems theory and making them tightly coupled with the gambling software prediction and analysis - cutting-edge eSports and eGaming software utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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Technologies We Use

  • phoenix elixir development gambit stream
    Elixir & Phoenix
    Distributed & Decentralized Systems
  • erlang development gambit stream
    Erlang & OTP
    Distributed & Decentralized Systems
  • unity cross-platform games development
    Unity Games
    Mobile Development
  • swift ios development gambit stream
    iOS & Swift
    Mobile Development
  • kotlin android development gambit stream
    Android & Kotlin
    Mobile Development
  • scala high load gambit stream
    Scala, Play2, Akka
    Distributed & Decentralized Systems
  • java development bigdata enterprise systems gambit stream scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • spring enterprise gambit stream bigdata java scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • hibernate enterprise gambit stream bigdata java scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • vert.x enterprise gambit stream bigdata java scala
    Enterprise & BigData
  • kafka highload bigdata development gambit stream
    Enterprise & BigData
  • apache spark gambit stream enterprise software development
    Apache Spark
    Enterprise & BigData
  • apache flink gambit stream enterprise software development
    Apache Flink
    Enterprise & BigData
  • apache pulsar gambit stream enterprise software development
    Apache Pulsar
    Enterprise & BigData
  • quorum blockchain development gambit stream
    Blockchain Solutions
  • ethereum solidity development gambit stream
    Blockchain Solutions
  • solidity ethereum quorum development gambit stream
    Blockchain Solutions
  • hyperledger development blockchain gambit stream
    Blockchain Solutions
  • tendermint blockchain development gambit stream
    Blockchain Solutions
  • iota java development gambit stream
    Blockchain Solutions
  • react js native development gambit stream
    React & React Native
    Front End Development
  • flutter fuchsia mobile apps software development enterprise applications gambit stream
    Flutter & Fuchsia
    Mobile Development
  • docker devops gambit stream
  • kubernets devops gambit stream
  • ansible devops gambit stream
  • aws cloud computing gambit stream
    Amazon Web Services
    Cloud Architecture
  • azure devops gambit stream
    Microsoft Azure Cloud
    Cloud Architecture
  • tensorflow deep learning machine ai robotics gambit stream
    Machine Learning & Data Science
  • pytorch machine learning robotics ai gambit stream
    Machine Learning & Data Science
  • keras deep learning ai robotics gambit stream
    Machine Learning & Data Science
  • riak bigdata distributed systems gambit stream
    Enterprise & BigData
  • postgresql database development gambit stream
    Enterprise & BigData

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From engineers and designers to business analysis specialists, system architects and game theory experts.
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